Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Libraries Are For the Birds

What the flock? Apparently a hawk is loose in the Library of Congress and this is when people want to bring some attention to libraries. Oh Poppycock, can someone peck some sense into these people? Where’s Woody Woodpecker when you need him.

For one, the LOC is pretty huge. What bird wouldn’t want to set flight in the vast high ceilings of the beautiful Main Reading Room or soar among the numerous pillars and antiqued art, with a birds-eye view of signage promoting books? This bird is simply smart. What is stupid are the tons of dodo birds called humans who aren’t utilizing the vast knowledge available to them at their local libraries. What the people at the Library of Congress need to do is KEEP the bird in the library if it helps generate some traffic to the stacks. Heck, hire an unemployed librarian to dress up as a bird and have them just perch on one of the pillars if that's what it takes to get people to the library. Jeez, people think!! Use this rare (and stupid) press opportunity to TRAP all living things in the library - who knows what might happen as a result. Intelligence? I know, I'm getting my feathers all ruffled over this but please do yourself a favor and fly to your nearest library before some seagull craps on your car out of spite.