Monday, June 6, 2011

The Meredith Myers Library

It is no secret that I have been very anxious over the past several years to be involved in the library field at some level, which is why I have spent countless hours being an intern and volunteer at various libraries across the country, in anticipation of one day having a paid position on staff.  In hiring myself, it makes complete sense to now open the doors of the Meredith Myers Library!  I mean, who doesn’t want their own library!?!  I am so excited at the thought of using my own personal library to encourage more people to read.  Sure, the mailman seemed about as excited as I was to see that cable bill, but I know he will be back.  After all, it’s his job, so he has too!  And you know what, plummer man?  You are going to read too.  Like a book on how to correctly fix a sink.  

So in Part 2 of "Meredith Hires Herself," Meredith and Meredith discuss the new Meredith Myers Library and what sets this library apart from other libraries…for starters, we have an executive chef!

Although inspired in part by true incidents, the following video is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event, even though the actresses look a lot like Meredith Myers and say they are numerous times. In reality, Meredith Myers is the ultimate professional and takes her job as a librarian very seriously and would never steal office supplies, so any future employers should not let this video affect their decision to hire her. The only thing she is guilty of is having a sense of humor during tough economic times. And yes, parts of this disclaimer was pulled from the "Law & Order" TV show.