Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Without My Computer

On Friday morning, I accidently spilled my morning cappuccino on my laptop and thus began an unplanned holiday from technology.

At first I thought being without my emails, Facebook and Twitter accounts would be fun, but then I realized that I didn't have Google Maps to get directions (yep, I am one of the few in Los Angeles without a GPS, so I went on a sightseeing tour of Brentwood just trying to get to my valet job so I could then spend the whole day driving in circles again!)  I also couldn't look up movie times, so I ended up at a 'Mommie & Me' screening of "Bad Teacher" - wow, talk about a scary movie...and I am not talking about Justin Timberlake's acting.  The baby carriages lining the aisles should have been the giveaway that I was in the wrong theatre but nope.  Like an idiot, it took me a whole fifteen minutes to wonder why the lights were still on and every woman in the room had a baby strapped to her chest.  It is enough to hear the babies screaming but to have to see them as well?  Talk about 3D effects.  Breastfeeding live should not be an extra charge for us single folks!

I also went to the beach, and wore what I thought was a sexy bathing suit with funky cutouts in a bright yellow cheetah print.  One guy seemed into it, until I heard, "Wow, that girl is whiter than I am!"  I went home with no self-esteem and a wicked sunburn resembling a spider web across my stomach.  Thanks Victoria's Secret, maybe you should show that in your catalogue!

The only perk of being without my computer was that I couldn't apply for jobs, which also meant I couldn't be rejected for them either!  Score!  Nope, think again.  I am here at the library checking  my emails for the first time in days and San Franscico Public Library had no problem kicking me while I was down, 'While we have never met you, we don't think so," or something like that.

Being without my computer however, has reminded me of how important libraries are.  If they are open, that is, which they weren't on Sunday and Monday when I actually needed them.  Seriously, where can you use a computer if you don't have a desk job to go to?  The library is the only place!  And yeah sure, they are really slow and usually have a creepy guy drooling at you while you try to write on your librarian blog for the first time in an actual library, but look at the positives.  They are free.  Well, for another six minutes.  The timer at the top of my screen is counting down and then I will be kicked off and can't come back since I already used my two hour time limit for the day.  So this is it. The first time I will  not spell check or include cute photos or font that fits with the theme of the post.  I have no video.  I have just my words.

Thank you library.  For reminding me of the so many things you offer us for free each day.  Although I really would suggest some antibacterial lotion for computer number 14 - that guy was REALLY taking advantage of some of the library's free services!