Saturday, June 18, 2011

PJ Walsh "Over There Comedy Is His Best Weapon"

On Thursday night, I had the opportunity to support my friend, Comedian PJ Walsh, at the opening of his one-man show "Over There, Comedy is His Best Weapon," here in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

As Head Librarian and Comedian at, it is my job to share information that is both hilarious, while educational, and PJ Walsh has always been a funny guy so seeing him perform stand-up comedy is a given.  However, with this one-man show, Walsh DANCES!  And I don't mean the idiotic electric slide, I mean full-on Riverdance and a Windmill!  And as someone who once did a dance show and attempted to breakdance for "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo" star Lucinda Dickey, Walsh is awesome!  And then he followed that up with like 20 push ups during the military portion of the show.  Walsh is a maniac (and obviously extremely fit in his white t-shirt...)

But don't just go for the dance moves, the hilarity of his stories, or the heartfelt emotions he shares about losing his friends to war, go because Walsh is living life to the fullest and will inspire you to do the same.  "Over There, Comedy Is His Best Weapon" but right here, it is his TALENT!

For more information about  show dates in Los Angeles and other cities, please visit:

**A picture of PJ and I back when he used to open for Larry the Cable Guy.