Thursday, February 23, 2012

Floridian of the Month

It was one month ago today I was getting on a plane and leaving Los Angeles for Florida with nothing but faith that things would be okay once I got there.  I still wanted to be a funny librarian doing what I loved.  While things weren’t where I wanted them to be in LA, it was still a five-year investment and difficult to walk away from...even though I was probably the unhappiest I have ever been in my life.

Would I find library work in Florida?  Acting roles?  Places to perform comedy?

My faith paid off…in a matter of days. 

I applied to five library jobs and submitted a proposal to plan a fundraising event.  While at the library interviewing a local author for this blog, a comedy club owner booked me for a show.  In reading the local paper, I learned a film with James Franco was going to start shooting down the street. 

Was it really my faith that those opportunities happened?  Or was it me making an effort to find them?  I like to think it was both.  Of course, whether I get those jobs or people laugh at my jokes is out of my control and I’m done worrying about it.  More important than the acceptance of others is just me learning to be happy again wherever I am, because that is probably the one thing actually within my control and always has been.  After all, geography is just a zip code or a difference in humidity.  Only now instead of sitting in traffic for an hour to get to the beach, all I have to do is walk outside.

And performing at a comedy club on the beach?  Well, just watch how many times I smile.  Enjoy…