Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meredith Interviews Ryan Star!

I’ve been fortunate in my life to have met and worked with lots of talented people over the years, and one of those people came back into my life last week when he was performing a show in Clearwater, FL.  The incredibly talented Ryan Star.

I met Ryan back in September of 2002 while working as a publicist in NYC with a band called Angel 13.  Ryan was in a band called Stage and since they were childhood friends with Angel 13, they did a show together at the Mercury Lounge.  Like a lot of people, I was instantly hooked on Ryan’s energy, intensity, and passion as a performer.  His voice was raw, rugged and full of power.  When I heard him sing the song “I Will Be Something,” it not only made me realize I was working with the wrong band, but that one day I wanted to be something more than just a publicist.

While Stage was signed to Madonna’s label Maverick, they still weren’t getting the press and attention I felt they deserved (which happens a lot in the music industry), so I asked Ryan to give me several cds so I could pass them off to key people in the industry.  Ironically, one of those people was an A&R guy from Atlantic Records (they would sign him years later as a solo artist) and another was a Tampa radio DJ named Kristy Knight, who would interview him about his hit song “Breathe” from that very album.

Thanks to Ryan and many other people who have inspired me to follow my dreams, my focus has since shifted away from PR work to that of libraries and comedy, however I am still very much a publicist when it comes to promoting talent that I think has something truly special that deserves to be heard and shared with the masses.

Being a friend to Ryan all these years, I have supported him from his time on “Rockstar: Supernova” to his shows in Anaheim and Los Angeles to last week in Clearwater, and all of that has been great.  But what Ryan has done for me as a fan is far greater.  His music speaks to me in ways no other artist has.  His music talks about the struggles of unemployment (“Breathe”), the pain of heartbreak and moving on (“Right Now”), and most importantly, that no matter what challenges are before us, there is always a “Brand New Day” just around the corner.  Ryan gives us hope.

I cannot thank Ryan Star enough for being the soundtrack to my often difficult life, while at the same time asking him to continue making more music that inspires so many of us in numerous ways.  Because I know when I finally get to where I am going, I will most certainly need a really kick-ass theme song to celebrate. 

Ryan knows that before every show I text him begging him to play the old Stage song “Perfect,” which he never does.  I’ve never told him why.  For ten years, “Perfect” has been the song that cheers me up when things don’t work out…and despite what people may think, they don’t usually work out most of the time.  “Perfect” just reminds me to smile.

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With Ryan in LA after his Century City gig, 2007.
With Ryan in LA after The Troubadour show, 2010.