Monday, December 3, 2012

"I Ran After the Gingerbread Man"

"I Ran After the Gingerbread Man":

I decided to premiere my new holiday literary parody video live on stage at my sold-out shows at Venue Theatre this past weekend where I choreographed a chase sequence with a real ginger man (my friend, librarian Justin Brasher) and concluded with gingerbread man cookies I baked myself.  It was so fun (not to mention quite delicious I was told!)  I will also be performing it at The Strand Book Store in NYC on Thursday, but sadly my ginger will be unable to make the trip and me baking cookies might be difficult as well, but I certainly hope anybody in the New York area will still attend the show!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.  I made the entire gingerbread man outfit myself and actually do own most of the gingerbread man decorations shown.

Information on Thursday's show in NYC:

Thursday, December 6th
$10 Strand Gift Card (can be used for any Strand purchase)
828 Broadway at 12th Street (3rd floor Rare Book Room)
About the show: Click HERE
For reservations/gift card purchase: Click HERE

I hope to see you there!
Shooting the video.
Performing it live on stage at Venue Theatre.
Dancing with my gingerbread man.
Serving up some fresh gingerbread man
cookies for the audience!