Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Celebrating ARTpool Gallery 5th Anniversary & National Library Week!

For a direct link to video, please click here.

Thanks to Marina Williams and everybody at ARTpool Gallery for having me out to perform a couple of my literary parody songs on Saturday night in celebration of their 5th Anniversary.  It was a wonderful way to kick off National Library Week, plus we had great weather and a whole lot of fun!  My favorite moment of the show was hearing the audience chant "JOYCE, JOYCE, JOYCE" during my first-ever live performance of "JOYCE Around," a tribute to James Joyce and all things Irish.  There was also something special about performing "THE RAVEN is Hard to Handle" under a crescent moon. Perhaps Edgar Allan Poe was looking down on me and laughing at my silly mustache.  Special thanks to Clinton Lee at Brentwood Photography for the fabulous photos! 

I look forward to spending more time at ARTpool now that my literary bags are being sold there.  Just look for the library shelf filled with books and birds!

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"THE RAVEN Is Hard to Handle"
"JOYCE Around"
Stand-Up Librarian Designs now available
at ARTpool Gallery!