Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy 3rd Anniversary Stand-Up Librarian!

Wow, it is almost 11pm and I have yet to acknowledge that today is the 3rd Anniversary of creating Stand-Up Librarian and!  

I would say that time flies but it really doesn't in this case as I am completely aware of how long and challenging the past three years have been.  Of course, I am also absolutely astounded and amazed at all of the fun I have had and the dreams that have been realized - especially in just the last year!  So many of the things I have accomplished I never once imagined when I first decided to mash up the words "stand-up comic" with "librarian" to create Stand-Up Librarian after graduating with my Masters degree in Library & Information Sciences in 2010.  Initially, I thought I would write some funny essays online about my adventures in librarianship and maybe if I got the nerve, try performing stand-up comedy again but this time not curse or put people down.  And maybe if I was lucky, someone out there would come to my blog after receiving my resume and see just how passionate I was about libraries and hire me as a librarian!

So, two out of the three happened.  Mostly because writing and performing were within my control if I just faced my fears.  While I have yet to be hired as a "librarian," I have instead been hired for shows & programs as the Stand-Up Librarian, so in a way, that is just as cool!  Plus I look at how much I have learned over the last three years just by simply trying things that scared me to death or thought I could never do again.  I will save most of those adventures for the book I am writing, but thanks to creating Stand-Up Librarian, I have finally become the person I always wanted to be: a person that can keep a job!  Seriously, this is the longest job I have ever had and it continues to make me happy, while challenging me to not only be a better Stand-Up Librarian but a better person.  Two years ago I also made the decision to quit drinking, which as a result has made me much stronger and less stupid.  Regardless of where I go from here, I will always be proudest of that.

Thanks to each and every person I have encountered on this journey.  Some were mean, most were supportive, but ALL have inspired me in one way or another.

Growing up is awesome.

The launch of Stand-Up Librarian on June, 1, 2010 looked like this.
A card catalog & one of my stand-up comedy pics from 2007.  Too dark!

Stand-Up Librarian in 2011 - which is probably my favorite picture.
Notice the book fabric tied around my waist?
It would later become my very first book skirt!

With my move back to FL in 2012, everything changed...for the better.
I got a new hairstyle & started Stand-Up Librarian Designs!

While I have yet to update my Stand-Up Librarian image for 2013
(not sure if I will), this is me today.  I make all of my own costumes,
perform regularly, and finally get to pose next to my very own card catalog!