Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Interview w Larry the Cable Guy, The Dali Museum, Bow Ties & Performance at Book Fair!

We are only 2 days away from The 33rd Annual Antiquarian Book Fair and I have saved my best interviews for last...more on those in a minute.

First, I wanted to announce that I will be performing my literary parody songs on the steps of The Coliseum to open the book fair at 5pm on Friday night so get there early if you have ever wanted to see a librarian dance on a book cart singing about books!  To see some of my literary music videos, visit my You Tube Channel here.

"THE RAVEN is Hard to Handle"/
Edgar Allan Poe tribute
Secondly, to honor my first literary purse sale two years ago at the book fair, I will be debuting my first literary fashion accessory for men: book-print bow ties!  But let's be honest, ladies can rock these bow ties too, so stop by my Stand-Up Librarian Designs booth (#96, near the food area) to say hi and be one of the very first to own one!
Book-print bow ties will make their
debut at the book fair!
Finally, for my last two video interviews, I went to the two places I love the most: the library and the comedy stage.  It was in the mid-nineties that I met a funny guy named "Larry" in Sanford, FL who inspired me to want to try stand-up comedy.  Over 15 years later, Larry the Cable Guy is insanely famous yet he continues to make time for me to discuss jokes, the industry, and yes, the importance of reading!  I also went to The Dali Museum Library where I spent a majority of 2013 as a volunteer librarian cataloguing the entire collection.  Volunteers are such an important part of museums and libraries across the country so I wanted to speak with Pam Whiteaker (who leads that charge for The Dali) about how others can get involved with serving their community.

For a direct link to my interview with Larry the Cable Guy, click here.

For a direct link to my interview with Pam at The Dali Museum, click here.

Thanks to Larry the Cable Guy, Pam Whiteaker, and most importantly, to Sarah Smith and Allan Smith of the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair who got me involved as the spokesperson this year.  Allan and I had a blast running around St. Petersburg meeting so many book lovers and talking with them about the book fair.  To see more of our videos, please visit the Book Fair You Tube channel here

I hope everybody comes out to the book fair this weekend - we are going to have so much fun!!!

Florida Antiquariam Book Fair
March 14 - 16, 2014
The Coliseum
535 Fourth Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL

Friday: 5 - 9 pm ($10 for 3-day pass)
Saturday: 10 - 5 pm ($6 daily admission)
Sunday: 11 - 4 pm ($6 daily admission)
Free admission for children under 12 and students with ID.
Free parking.
*Proceeds from ticket sales support The St. Petersburg Public Library


Jennifer Fisher said...

Saw a news alert on Nancy Drew - on the FL book show and your Nancy Drew outfit. How cool is that outfit!

Been sharing on our Nancy Drew FB page. You'd fit in with our Nancy Drew group :)


Meredith Myers said...

Thanks Jenn! I would love to join your fabulous group of Drew sleuths!


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