Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DIY - The Power of YOU!

It was just last month that I celebrated my one year anniversary with The Home Depot.  I had originally applied there because they were one of the few companies that offered part-time employees health benefits (plus the single girl in me thought it might also be a great way to meet some dudes! ha ha)  So while the men turned out to be either crazy or already married and the health benefits went away at the end of the year due to Obamacare, I found that the one thing The Home Depot kept giving me was the opportunity to work as a librarian!
Starting out as a Cashier was like working the circulation desk, making sure each patron found everything they needed in the store and giving them great customer service. 

Circulation Desk, Los Feliz Library, 2009
Cashier, The Home Depot, 2013
Then as a Greeter, it was like working the reference desk, assisting patrons with information and helping them find certain products in the store.  Then if we didn't have it, showing them how easy it was to use the in-store computer to find it online.  Plus I was able to wear all of my fun outfits!  I actually got my first Homer award because a woman wrote in saying how much she loved them. 
Reference Desk, Los Feliz Library, 2009
Greeter, The Home Depot, 2013
In leading the Kids Workshop on the first Saturday of every month, I was like a Children's Librarian doing fun arts & crafts with the kids, while teaching them how to hold hammers and express themselves through paint. 
Children's Program, Los Feliz Library, 2009
Kids Workshop, The Home Depot, 2013
As Captain of the Do-It Herself Workshop, it was like book club but instead of books, we discuss how to use power tools to build storage trunks or the purpose of grouting tile for that fabulous floor.  In place of free bookmarks, the ladies get DIH gift bags and are able to take home all of the projects they make - for free!
Book Club, 2012
Do-It Herself Workshop, The Home Depot, 2014
Now as a Paint Sales Associate, I've not only learned more about the differences in paint and stains, but I've applied that knowledge to my library renovations at home!  Thanks to my experiences at The Home Depot, my card catalogue is truly one-of-a kind...a checkerboard effect to represent both the librarian and the comedian, and holds all of my sewing supplies for my literary fashion business.
Card Catalogue - Before
Card Catalogue - During
Card Catalogue - Today
The point is...I am a librarian and I will always be a librarian no matter where I work.  In addition to my job at The Home Depot, I am also a librarian promoting libraries and literacy in my literary comedy shows.  The audience are my patrons and the stage is my reference desk.  When you open yourself up to experiences outside of your comfort zone, you will always see the results in ways you never imagined.  Just last week, I performed my first non-literary parody song "The Power of Tools" and told jokes inspired by my experiences working in home improvement.  I certainly never imagined that would ever happen!  But if there is one thing I have learned over this last year it is this - YOU HAVE THE POWER so stop waiting for others to help you or realize your potential, just DO IT YOURSELF!   

Performing some home improvement comedy & "The Power of Tools" 
live at ARTpool Gallery on April 12th. For a direct link, click here.