Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BROAD Comedy: A Tribute to Women Humorists

It has been over three weeks since I hosted Broad Comedy: A Tribute to Women Humorists over at The Studio@620 but I am finally having a moment to share some photos and talk about my experience working with these fabulous women where proceeds of over $600 went to benefit Girls Inc. of Pinellas.  
Reading from my "twin" Kathy Griffin.
I made these literary shoes & hat
just in time for the event!
Performing my literary parody songs.
First, I want to give a huge shout out to Stephanie Hayes and the Tampa Bay Times for featuring me the week leading up to the event with the story "Stand-Up Librarian DIYs her way to comedy happiness" with a photo of me in my bedroom.  It really helped bring an awareness to where I do most of my DIY work but also helped promote the event.  It was a huge success with standing room only at around 150 people with the highest bar sales ever at The Studio@620. Thank you Stephanie!
With Times reporter Stephanie Hayes,
author of Obitchuary.
This incredible event honoring funny women was organized by Gina Vivinetto and Tiffany Razzano of Wordier Than Thou, and thanks to their connections throughout the Tampa Bay area, we had over a dozen women reading excerpts from their favorite female humorists including Kristina Fortner (Amy Poehler), Cathy Wos (Dorothy Parker), Jenny Miller (Ellen DeGeneres), Sarah Fryett (Sarah Vowell), Julie Garisto (Fran Lebowtiz), Heather Jones (Wendy Wasserstein), Lisa Lanser Rose (Paula Poundstone), Meredith Myers (Sarah Bernhard & Kathy Griffin), Emily Nipps (Mindy Kaling), Nadine Smith (Tina Fey), Mitzi Gordon (Mary Karr) and Tenea D. Johnson (Lily Tomlin).  Thank you Gina and Tiffany!
With event organizers Gina V & Tiffany Razzano.
We also had a variety of donations from Tampa Bay authors and organizations to give out as raffle prizes so thanks to Gypsy Stage Repertory Company, Deadly Rival Roller Derby, The Body Electric Yoga Company, Dance Forever, Lucky Star Salon, Stand-Up Librarian Designs, Heather Jones, Natty Moss Bend, Rebekah Pulley, Lynn Waddell, Gina Vivinetto, Deborah Frethem, Von Simeon, Stephanie Hayes, Lisa Lanser Rose and Tenea D. Johnson.
Gina helps with the raffle.
Raffle items.
Von helps choose the winner.
Lisa donates one of her books.
Once again, I want to thank all of the people that came out to participate and support this event honoring women and showing the world once again that women ARE funny and can absolutely pack a room!!!!!
Emily reads Mindy.
Julie reads Fran.
Jenny performs Ellen.
Cathy reads Dorothy.
Kristina of Girls Inc.
Heather reads Wendy.
Mitzi reads Mary.
A special thanks to Desiree Fantal of It's Worth A Shot Photography for all of these photos. For more photos from the event, please visit my Facebook page here