“So a comedian walks into a library and decides to PERFORM there...”  

Join Stand-Up Librarian Meredith Myers for an all ages literary comedy the library!  No cover charge or 2-drink minimum required.  A cross between Pippi Longstocking and Sandra Bernhard, Meredith entertains while educating about the importance of libraries as she addresses everything from the Dewey Decimal System to Harry Potter.  Bring a love of reading and get ready to laugh.  

Stand-Up Librarian was designed to educate and entertain people about the importance of libraries  and literacy so there are a variety of programs available for your library, school, bookstore or event.  For more information on programs, which vary from performances to presentations to storytime for kids and comedy classes for teens, please email for details and booking details.

Stand-Up CHILDREN'S Librarian
Programs include: storytime, arts and crafts, performances for children


Stand-Up YA Librarian
Programs include: parties & teen clubs, comedy/writing/acting workshops, performances for teens

Stand-Up ADULT Librarian
Programs include: presentations, book clubs, performances for adults
And of course, Stand-Up Librarian Meredith Myers is always available to host & perform at both public and private events, conferences, library staff days & fundraisers, book fairs & book stores.

Thanks to these wonderful librarians for their support:
With Linda at the FLA Annual Conference
With Ozgun at the Yorba Linda Public Library
With Mary at the Heartland Library
Cooperative Annual Staff Day
With Linda at the Friends of the
WeHo Library event.
With Dave & Danica at
ALA Annual -Anaheim